Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Broken Bangles…. A Tale of Love

                                 Sidhu, He was my friend in all means. from the days of childhood to the collage  ,  he was with me all the way.. one day he came to me with a pleasent smile and asked. “what does love mean to you?” .  i told “ today most of them are loving just for getting rid of their “single” status. love has now combined with religion, money, caste etc. the present generation have lost their mind to sacrifice anything for love”.But from his long silence i understood , it was not the answer that he expected. Sidhu said “ for us , the science batch,,… love is an OH group, which cannot be diluted” . I sat there without thinking the depth of his words, but now i know what he meant exactly.
                                     Sitting alone in this lonely evening, two faces came into my mind. One was the crying face of his mother….i know , that tears will never get dry. the next one was of her’s…sreedevi ……who was once everything to him...what will be she doing now?….what would she be thinking now?…about those days, when they used to see the green fields from the top floor of the collage, ..or about sitting with him in his room hearing the A R Rahman music ….or kissing each other in the darkness of the theatre…… Whatever, memories are painful to remember.                   
                               one day he said “ Her silence is making me worried even though she had ensured that nothing is wrong”. we were unknown of the what waited for us in the future .
                         After some days she said to him “ Sidhu., love and marriage are very different. Both cannot be related each other. Marriage is the courtesy to the parents while love is just an affection” . Laying backward to the walls behind  , holding her hands, he told “ Sree, we are living for ourselves , not for others. others cannot control our life and our decisions.”  . But this made no change to her emotions. Removing her long hairs falling into his face she replied “ NO GIRL IN THIS WORLD WANT TO GAMBLE WITH THEIR LIFE. OUR SUSTAINABILITY IS MORE IMPORTANT TO US. OUR MIND CAN REJECT AND SACRIFICE ANYTHING FOR OUR GOOD.”
                            Sidhu smiled at her with rising heartbeats . She started to walk away from him but he cannot leave her so easily . Her hands crumbled in his . Her glass bangles broke and fell to the ground. Blood came out from both the hands.He cannot hold her anymore. She ran away with tears. 
                                 Sidhu stood alone in the railway station with the wounded palm.He can still hear the sound of the bangles breaking. He started walking through the middle of the rail track. He said to himself “ Sidhu..your dreams are ending here…you have no dreams beyond this track…a life without dreams will only have a past….it has no future….so here end you.”
                           Looking at her paining wound sree said “ Sidhu, your memories are hurting me more than this wound”.